21.11.2019by QuTech Blog Editors

A word from an editor emeritus and new blog team members!

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With QuTech expanding from a quantum transport research group to a large institute focusing on quantum computers, the number of people walking around in the hallways expands. It makes you almost forget that there are also people leaving. But as the seasons go by, PhD students at QuTech come and go. It gives QuTech its characteristic dynamic character. But it also brings sadness every time we have to wave someone goodbye. And this is exactly what this blogpost is about. Since editorial duties for this blog are performed on a volunteer basis by PhD students (in what little remains of their free time), this means that any editor’s tenure is inherently limited by his or her PhD track. Therefore, with some sadness, we have to say goodbye to Jonas, the founding father of the QuTech blog and involved from the very start. He finished his PhD and moved to Amsterdam. He was an amazing and creative member of the team and we would like to thank him for the time he has spent making this blog an inspirational place for quantum computing.

But of course he wouldn’t leave without equally capable replacement. And, since QuTech is growing, we also extended the editorial team. That is why we proudly announce the two newest team members, Tim and Matteo. Actually Tim and Matteo have been active on the blog for a while. So the time is definitely there for a more official introduction.


TimI am Tim, a PhD student in the group of David Elkouss and Stephanie Wehner. I work on the quantum internet as a theorist, in particular on bridging the gap between theoretical proposals for its design and the hardware that is currently built in the lab. I am a big fan of jazz music and far-fetched puns – not necessarily in that order.


MatteoHi, I am Matteo, a PhD student in Ronald Hanson’s group. I am trying to build a quantum internet — a network made with quantum entanglement — using defects in Diamond. I like dogs and lasers. But mostly dogs (but also lasers).


We are very happy that Tim and Matteo joined the team and already contributed greatly to some nice blogposts. At the same time, them joining the team, means that we have to say goodbye to another blog team member. Jonas, the founding father of the QuTech blog, defended his thesis and got his PhD! He started a PostDoc in Amsterdam and therefore left the blog team. But we’re pretty sure we will hear great things from him, both on the QuTech blog and in the research world. To conclude this post, we would like to share with you the answers to some questions we asked Jonas about his time contributing to the blog. Hope you enjoy reading Bits of Quantum as much as he did editing!



It’s sad you’re leaving as an editor. What are your plans now?

It’s very sad indeed! I had a good time helping to run the Qutech blog! Right now I’m doing a post-doc at the QuSoft institute in Amsterdam. I’m considered a practical person there, which is a nice change in experience.

What is your favourite blogpost?

Very good question! I really like Chris’ series on quantum electrodynamics, I find myself referring interested theorists there all the time. Hans Mooij’s post was also really great, because he saw so many of the early developments with his own eyes.

Are you planning to keep on writing?

If I find the time I definitely will! I have been mulling over writing a blog post on the history of the Clifford group, and why it is called that. It’s a bit of a niche topic maybe, and I still need to do a fair amount of research, but there is a good story there I think.

What is your best blog memory?

My favourite blog memory is probably the entire editorial team getting together one evening and having dinner and then jointly writing the Quantum Carol post. We had a really good time coming up with a wacky quantum adventure.

Do you have some nice ideas that can be incorporated in the QuTech blog?

I think it’s a pretty good blog right now (I’m not biased at all)! I really liked the few Puzzle themed posts we did, so maybe we can do more of those? Perhaps having some kind of quantum puzzle contest with a prize for the winner would be fun. I propose a copy of the quantum Bible (Nielsen & Chuang) as the prize.

Is there something you’d still want to say?
I had a super great time running the Qutech blog, and I’m really happy that it’s in good hands now that I’m off doing science things in the adult world. I wish the new editors the best of luck running the blog, and may the search engines be forever in your favour!


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