15.07.2021by Pablo Cova Fariña

Analog quantum simulations with blue, big-eyed quantum dots

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Analog quantum simulations with blue, big-eyed quantum dots

by Pablo Cova Fariña

The world of quantum mechanics is quite a bizarre one. Take a bunch of particles, let them interact for a while and soon your computer will have a hard time understanding what is going on. Luckily, we can do better! Although I would love to present you the solution to some of the most formidable problems of solid-state physics. . . for now you have to content yourselves with a tiny video about my research. I hope you enjoy it!

Pablo is a fresh PhD student in Lieven Vandersypen’s group in QuTech. He gave up the shiny sun and the silky beaches of the Canary Islands to play around with electrons in semiconductor quantum dots. When he’s not making videos about his research, Pablo likes to play songs on his guitar, organize QuTech Uitjes and learn the beautiful Dutch language.

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