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Welcome to ‘Bits Of Quantum’, the official blog by QuTech! QuTech is an academic research institution that houses many scientists who spend a large part of their time doing mathematics, experiments, and a lot of quantum mechanics. We would like to share bits of our quantum research with you, and give you a taste of what life in a large research institute is like. To that end we, four PhD students from different parts of QuTech, started the blog you are looking at right now. As the editorial team we are very excited about channeling all the stories that can be told by and about QuTech and quantum technologies. Thank you for reading this blog and we hope you enjoy reading the many posts to come!


The editorial team,
Jonas, James, Adriaan and Suzanne

JonasHelsenJonas Helsen – Hey! My name is Jonas and I am one of the theorists at QuTech. I only started my PhD a year ago so I still have lots to learn but I’m really excited about being here! I’m also passionate about teaching people about the magical world of quantum computing which is why I co-started Bits Of Quantum with my lovely co-editors! Happy reading!

JamesKrollJames Kroll – I am James, an experimental physicist hailing from Scotland. I work in the topological quantum computing roadmap of Leo Kouwenhoven, as it requires an exciting mix of condensed matter physics theory, experimental cryogenics, electrical engineering and computer programming – all things that I somehow enjoy. If I’m not in the lab, you will most likely find me cycling somewhere or reading. Or eating. That’s a pretty important part of my life.

Adriaan Rol AdriaanRol – Hi, I am Adriaan, an experimentalist in Leo DiCarlo’s group where we are working on a quantum computer based on superconducting transmon qubits.
I really enjoy trying to find the (abstract) essence of things while at the same time being able to experimentally test if my ideas actually work.
Whenever I’m not in the lab you’ll probably find me on the water or enjoying an overpriced coffee at my favourite coffee place.

Suzanne van DamSuzannevanDam – My name is Suzanne, and I am doing a PhD in the lab of Ronald Hanson, since two years now. One of my favourite things is to see the quantum world in the lab on a daily basis. My hope is that from this blog it will become clear why I am so excited about this!

All correspondence can be sent to blog@qutech.nl.

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  1. I’m developing silicon base technology as freelancer some progress but need advise, is there any way I could change the BCD table binary sequence for testing, its essential testing do advise. Thks.
    Intel has BCD 8421 to form sequence of binary code can the sequence of code be change for testing purpose ?

  2. I am happy to have discovered this forum for discussing quantum science and computing. I run Quantumeering Technology Company and am the developer of ENIGMA GENESIS DEJAVU software and hardware quantum computer programming systems. I am in late stage development along with many of my partners working on this revolutionary system which will allow for rapid machine learning and help advance human AI interfacing. I look forward to sharing with great minds like I see on here and Quantiki information portal.

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