Some thoughts on the tower of Babel


by Johannes Borregaard 

I am not particularly schooled in religious scripture of any kind. Nonetheless, one story that I vaguely remember having come across during my school years is the story of the tower of Babel from the Old Testament. The setting of the story (as far as I remember) is that all mankind speak the same language. As a result, they are able to join forces trying to build a tower so high that it reaches the heavens. The deity however prevents this by giving them different languages, so they no longer understand each other and scatters them all over the world.

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A nightly physics adventure


” WA R N I N G : 5 FAU LT S F O U N D ! “

by Niels Bultink

It was around 1:00 AM on a cold winter night in 2019 when I stepped out of a bar in the historic center of Delft. Time to go home, after celebrating Suzanne van Dam’s successful PhD defense. Evenings like these remind me why science is such a great endeavour. People might be working long hours to reach only tiny steps. But there is a team of people around you that understands the struggle. And, when those tiny steps lead to a big one, or occasionally even a breakthrough, celebration comes with all sorts of weird traditions. In short, it was an evening with a warm QuTech family feeling. For me personally it was also a nice change of scenery. Over the months prior, I had been working intensely on the final experiment of this thesis. In particular this week, I was finetuning day-in day-out to hunt for data sets that were fit for publication. Although the efforts of many had been finally coming together for quite some time: from design, to fabrication, to the integration of the setup; it is this final stage of an experiment that can make or break years of struggle for the whole team.
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