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Hello everyone! Now that QuTech has been going for some time a few of us decided it would be nice to have our very own QuTech blog! Our goal is to provide people with an insight into what it is like to do science in an institute like QuTech. We are excited to do this but we need your support (and writing) to help us make it a success, so if you like to contribute please take the time to read this document to help you understand what we are aiming for.

What is this blog about?

This blog would be the place where you can voice all those things that make life at QuTech so exciting but don’t quite fit into the formal jacket of your next paper. This will be a place where we talk to other people about our science and our lives within science on a more human level. The main things we would like to achieve with this blog are “quantum literacy” – there is a lot of misunderstanding and “hype” out there and we would like to offer a clear voice that cuts through the confusion – and also communicating what might be best called the “playfulness” inherent in scientific endeavour in general and at a cutting edge research institute like QuTech in particular. All of us are here because we are fascinated by discovery and love doing science and it would be great if we could manage to share some of that joy with the rest of the world.

Who is the audience?

The intended audience is people interested in quantum computing. This ranges from other scientists who are not necessarily in the field of quantum information to interested laymen (who have some understanding of physics). This means that you should not be afraid to go into ‘deep’ or technical subjects but you should try to avoid jargon or overly formal mathematics.

Who is going to do the blogging?

You, of course! We will aim to publish a blog post every two weeks on Thursday (see below for instructions on how to post a blog).

Who is running the blog?

The blog is run by a volunteer editorial team consisting of James Kroll, Jonas Helsen, Suzanne van Dam and Adriaan Rol. We will keep the website running and keep track of the blogging schedule. We will also proofread all posts for editing purposes.

What can I write about?

Keep your audience in mind. Considering this, possible topics can be:

A piece of science from another group that you find really interesting;
Your experience with some piece of equipment (e.g. you installed dil-fridges);
A clear explanation of some concept in QI (e.g. non- local correlations, Bell tests, …)
Are there things I need to think about when writing?

Keep the following things in mind:

Posts should not be too long or too short (between one or two pages is just fine).
Posts should be readable. Keep unexplained jargon or advanced mathematics to a minimum.
Do not use the blog as a place for ranting or soapboxing of any kind.
Use Markdown for formatting. It is easy to learn and versatile enough for most applications (it also has basic latex support). See here.


How will publishing on this blog work?

Since there are a lot of potential writers at QuTech we will have to organise the publishing process. Below is what the workflow will look like from your side.

Let us know you want to write something, the topic, prospective title and preffered appearance date (via blog@qutech.nl).
We will issue you a publication date (this might be quite far in the future).
Two weeks before the date you send* us your finished blogpost.
We will proof read it, and correct grammatical and spelling errors (if any), etc..
We either send it back to you with some feedback or let you know your post has been approved.
On the date we will publish the post on the blog.
*You submit your text by emailing it to (blog@qutech.nl). We accept either .md files or raw text with markdown code in it. No PDF or other uneditable document types.